Sunday, August 26, 2007

Slow Sunday at Bubonicon

I'm having a slow Sunday morning. I've had a good time on vacation and at Bubonicon. Managed to play a good game of Arkham Horror last night, and will probably try to play another game this morning.

Sunday morning of a science fiction convention is always a bit slow. Everyone is tired from late nights on Friday and Saturday and not moving particularly fast.

I've had a good time catching up with friends that I sort of lost touch with. I'm happy that we managed to make it here. We (as usual) have bought too many books. We haven't bought too much else, mostly because of the issues of carting the things back home. I'm still debating on buying one thing as a gift for DH. I'll decide later on today. It would be an anniversary present if I do decide to get it, and it is something that I know he'd like.

I've gotten a bunch of knitting done on two different socks. Unfortunately, I had to suspend knitting on one, because I managed to break two of the needles in carting the socks around this weekend. That's why I prefer metal needles--I am much too hard on my needles and have a tendency to break them. I'll have to order some metal needles in several of the sock sizes when I get home. I haven't been able to find any when I've gone into stores, so it's time to just order them.

I think it's time to go veg out for a while. No one will be stirring for another half hour at least, so I can continue to relax.

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Christine said...

Tap, tap, tap...Is this thing on? :)
It's October already, yuck - what happened to September. I should find out this week if I got that job. Keep your fingers crossed.