Monday, February 28, 2011

It doesn't get any better than this...

...on a Saturday morning.

Sat down to spin and watch a show and the cat decided it was lap time.  With the dog and some tea, it was a perfect Saturday morning.

I'm spinning some baby camel from a variety pack that I bought a couple of years ago.  I'm spinning from the stash these days, and this seemed like just the thing for a slow Saturday morning.

I managed to finish spinning the baby camel over the weekend.  I'll ply it in the next couple of days and post a picture when it's done.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Starting again

Since I have some time, I thought I'd try to start posting again, but I'm not sure what I want to do with this blog.

I have a lot of FO since I last posted. In all categories--knitting, weaving, and spinning. And all kinds of things--scarves, socks, shawls, skeins, etc.

I recently tried to spin some novelty yarn. I read an article on coils and decided that it sounded like something fun to try. After three tries, I think I've got something that resembles what I was after. I definitely need to try again, though I've moved on to spinning some stuff from my stash.

I'm in the middle of winding a warp on the loom, but it's giving me trouble. It is very fine yarn and is pilling and the pills are making it very tough to wind the warp on. I'm very close to giving up on it, since I keep breaking threads about every 2 or 3 inches.

I'm thinking that I may do some techniques here, and start doing some posts that highlight specific tecnniques that I like or I want to try. Have to think about that some more.

I definitely need to get together some of the photos of FO so I can do something with those. At a minimum, I can post some pictures and talk a little about the projects that were the most fun.