Tuesday, May 22, 2007

After a long weekend

Well, so much for the best of intentions. Last weekend was Victoria Day, the long weekend that marks the start of summer for most people in Canada. I intended to get a lot of stuff done, including gardening, pattern writing, designing a runner to weave, photographing some FOs. Only a fraction of that got done.

I do have two different pairs of socks on the needles. One out of Tofutsies and the other out of Traveler. The one out of Traveler is destined to be a sample.

I need to make some decisions about the weave structure for the runner that I want to weave. I need to start pushing myself to explore some different structures and learn about them, rather than just picking a random threading, tie up, and treadling.

I also need to get back to the spinning that I was doing over the winter. I managed to get more than half of the fiber spun, but have not gotten back to it since we moved in February.

And work is being interesting. I have an opportunity to move into a different role, and I'm taking it seriously. It's a role that I've played before and enjoyed, and I've been thinking that I need a new challenge. We'll see if it really happens.

I think it's time to go do some other things. I'm going to post more often and do all the other things that I've listed in this post...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Another weekend, another...

...maybe we won't go there.

I managed to get some stuff done this weekend. Still need to finish off the pattern for the shawl that I delivered last week. I mostly spent time trying to figure out the best way to chart the cable pattern. I may have to buy some software to make some of these things easier. Just need to get over being cheap.

I need to dig through the stash to see if I have the right yarn for a couple of projects. Both weaving and knitting. Hopefully that will be during the week this week.

I started a new sock with the new Traveler sock yarn from Just Our Yarn. It's knitting up very nicely. I need to write down the details before I forget them.

The last couple of days have been absolutely gorgeous. One of the cats has decided to obsess on the screens in the open windows. He managed to get a claw stuck in the screen where it was trapped by a partially open window yesterday and started crying like his life was in imminent danger. Nothing like a cat crying to get your attention.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I think I need another vacation

I'm back from going to Maryland Sheep & Wool and visiting friends, and I think I need another break.

The problem with going back to a place you've lived is that there are way too many people that want to see you, and somehow it's not as much of a vacation as it could be. Whine, whine, whine.

Unfortunately, I'm finding S&W to be waaay to crowded and can only take being there for the morning. By about 11 or 12 it is so crowded that you can't move and it's really hard to get to the vendors and buy anything. I did get some good yarn from Brooks Farm and some silk roving from Just Our Yarn. I also delivered the scarf/shawl to the ladies at Just Our Yarn. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it, so I can't post one, and will have to get one from them when they take a picture of it.

It was great to see friends and spend some time doing something other than work. I needed the break and it was great timing to get away.

I think this weekend will be split between doing some gardening, including figuring out what I want to put in pots, doing some designing for weaving, and writing up a couple of patterns. I also need to start a sock, since I got some yarn to do a sock sample for Just Our Yarn.

I just might start another set of posts around work stuff. I realized after a couple of conversations today that there might be some demand for some of the info that's rattling around in my head. I'll see if I can manage to convince myself to start writing.

I think I'm going to go off and do some other stuff.