Monday, October 01, 2007

Snide comments not withstanding

All right Christine with the snide comments...

Yes, it has been a while. Things have been a bit busy since August. Work has been pretty amazingly busy, and that keeps me from being enthusiastic about posting. Somehow, the more time I spend on the computer at work, the less I want to do things (besides read) on the computer at home.

I did manage to finish a couple of things. Two pairs of socks and a felted bag have joined the FO queue. I felted the bag, but it felted unevenly, so I need to see if I can get the side that's too long to felt more if I agitate that side by hand. This is something that I auctioned off at a charity auction, so I need to see if I can resurrect it pretty quickly. Otherwise I may be making a new one, which means I need to find some yarn to do it with...

I do have pictures of both pairs of socks. This one is made with Tofutsies and is a pretty standard cuff down sock pattern (I think I was basically following the Yarn Harlot's basic sock pattern).
And this one is made from Panda Cotton, using the Crooked Cable Socks pattern from Sock Bug:

I really like Panda Cotton as a sock yarn. I don't particularly like wool socks, so it makes a good sock yarn for me. Even the wool/cotton blends are not my first choice for socks.

I've now started a new pair of socks and vest from an issue of IK from last year (or maybe it was early this year...). I'm meeting a friend for a knitting retreat at the end of October that promises much more in the way of socks and maybe a moebius project.

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Christine said...

What?? Snide, Moi?

I totally understand about the computer overload. I have been weaving and -- I'm sorry the weather dude just said Spoot-nik instead of Sputnik. Hilarious. Where was I? Right I have been weaving away on my current warp and have been very excited about it.

The end of September kind of dragged and I had nada to really blog about. I'm still waiting to hear back on that second interview. Agh, so back to weaving for me!

Have fun on retreat and I think I know who you are going with, ask her how her knitting knots are going. :)