Monday, July 09, 2007

I finally managed to get the cursor in the box!

I can't seem to put a title on this entry. It's very odd. Just goes to show you that the oft-quoted definition of insanity (keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result) really just reflects what each of us does every time we get an unexpected results. I just keep clicking in the box and nothing happens, but I click again and again.

I got a lot done this weekend. Mostly starting things and designing. I do have a couple of FO pictures to post, but I need to upload them (can you say procrastination?).

I also got some stuff done in the back yard. I'm on mission to rid my yard of holly bushes. I've come to hate them in the last few years because they are a real pain to trim and keep in good shape. I'll probably have to bite the bullet and actually dig out the roots of the ones that I can reach. Otherwise I'll be constantly hacking at the new growth. Which could be entertaining for others, but frustrating for me.

Hmm...I right clicked (accidentally, if truth be known) in the box and I managed to get the cursor into the box. Somehow that doesn't strike me as the debate about whether I try to report a bug. I know that blogger would appreciate it, but it can be a pain to walk through all the info they want. Working in the computer industry and knowing how easily things can slip through the cracks, I feel compelled to report bugs when I find them, but can't always get myself to.

I think I'm going to veg out. It was a very busy day, and I'm exhausted because of it.

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Christine said...

Happy Vegging! Blogspot can be such a pain, it has lots of bugs I think. Crazy stuff happens to your posts, when I had thought about dumping Typepad I tried to blog on my Blogspot account and it wouldn't let me post and they hold you hostage to Google. Blah.

I'm glad you are settling in and getting back into a state of fiber wellness!