Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sitting on the deck in the wonderful weather

I have to admit, there is an advantage to living in Victoria. It's a gorgeous evening, about 72 F or 20 C and I'm sitting on the deck with the laptop enjoying the lovely weather and blogging. Not a bad life.

I'm currently doing some research for the runner that I want to make. I've decided on a block weave, now I just need to figure out how to get the pattern that I want. I need to spend some time reading about summer and winter to get there. I think I may actually do a test run and make towels or something smaller (with cheaper yarn) to really understand what I'm doing.

I need to take some pictures to post of both some UFOs and FOs. I finished one sock of a pair for two different pairs, and they look pretty good. I do seem to be having second sock syndrome with these, though, since I haven't been motivated to finish the second sock for either pair.

The dog can't quite decide whether she wants to be out with me or inside where dinner is being prepared. I think she probably wants me to go inside so she can be there when everything is ready. She's outta luck.

I think dinner is ready, so it's time to go.


Christine said...

Two posts in two days! :)

Let's see, yesterday the high temp here was 96F/36C and then it stormed. It was that kind of icky hot that takes your breath away when you step outside and today is going to be much the same. Are you sure you'd rather be in Victoria and miss out on all of this?

Good luck with the test weave! I can't wait to see some pictures.

Leigh said...

Hi. I found your blog via Christine. I say go for it with Summer and Winter! I've been exploring it lately and have fallen in love. At least I was exploring it until I had to learn about CM looms, though I plan to get back to it. S&W is a wonderfully versitile and creative structure to weave.