Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Too much knitting, again

I managed to do too much knitting over the weekend again. I know that I have to watch it because I tend to obsess a bit and I will get my shoulder into a state where it needs rest. I've taken the last 48 hours off from knitting, helped by the power outage that was caused by a windstorm on Sunday night. Luckily the power was only out for about an hour, so we didn't have to twiddle our thumbs very long.

I will have pictures of some FOs and whatever is still on the needles this weekend (assuming that it isn't raining the whole weekend). We actually have a prediction of some sunny weather for the next several days, though it's then supposed to go back to typical winter weather here.

My computer that has all my pictures is currently out of commission. It's looking like it has a wonky power supply and I'll have to decide if I want to replace both that and the memory that's gone wonky, or if I want to muddle along like I have been. The most important thing is to get the things that I really care about onto different storage so that I won't have to cobble something together to get things off the hard drive if I decide not to do anything. I hate dealing with computer problems. I'm coming more and more to like the mac that we got for Christmas last year.... It doesn't help that there are a bunch of mac lovers at work singing the praises.

Well, enough for now. I'm off to a spinning and weaving guild gathering to see what I can see.

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