Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wild Cats

I seem to have two wild cats running around the house. I keep hearing these mysterious sounds behind me that seem to be running feet or thunking into various pieces of furniture (or maybe walls). Those don't bother me so much, but the occasional sound of sharpening claws in the furniture do.

They used to be such well behaved cats and would only sharpen their claws on the cat tree...I don't know what happened.

On the knitting front, I've managed to start lots of stuff, and I've finished one sock that's in the coriolis architecture from Cat Bordhi. I definitely like this architecture. It's from her latest book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I'll have to take a picture when there's enough light outside. Which, given that I'm in the pacific northwest and it's late November might be a challenge. We'll see if I can get enough light this weekend when I'm home while it's actually daylight.

I'm stalled on weaving. I managed to get the warp beamed and tied on, but I haven't gotten any farther. I just need to decide that it's time to do something. Maybe if I had a purpose for the placemats that I intend to make from the warp...it's an idea anyway.

I did manage to get into both the Rockin Sock Club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and the club that Simply Sock Yarn Company is running. I foresee a large amount of sock knitting for me next year. Which is good, because I have a bunch of things that I want to try!

I think I'm going to try to use this blog to record some of the experiments that I try. Sounds like a good way to try to get myself organized.

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Christine said...

As I type our "kittens" are in process of beating the snot out of each other. Our "new" furniture is on its way of being shredded due to their chubby little paws. They're lucky I don't believe in declawing.