Monday, October 16, 2006

Just another day

I'm sitting here watching my dog get scratched in the place that makes her leg move. She's having way too much fun lying there begging for attention.

On the needles right now, I have a vest for my DH in some cotton worsted weight yarn that I picked up a long time ago at a fiber garage sale, a shawl in some yarn that I bought a few weeks ago, and a cable scarf out of Caravan from Just Our Yarn. I will post some pictures of all of these things before too long.

I suppose I should also talk about weaving, since I titled this blog based on the fact that I weave. I do not have anything on the loom yet. I recently moved from Maryland to British Columbia, and I just feel like I'm recovering from that. I also don't have a ton of space in the place that I'm renting, so I'm not quite ready to start something new. I do have the last thing that I finished weaving before leaving Maryland that still needs the finishing done. Its a shawl that I made for my mother out of Almaza and Aziza (tencel), also from Just Our Yarn. I actually had enough of the yarn to make a second piece, so I have two to finish off.

Speaking of luscious yarns, if you haven't seen the yarns from Handmaiden, they are worth looking for. Made by the same folks that make Fleece Artist. I bought some of their Sea Silk and Silken a couple of months ago, and I love it.

So, time to figure out what I'm really going to make this blog about, and maybe start publishing more regularly.

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